We decided to start creating this site not only  as a record of the history of Nuclear Physics in Greece but also as a tribute to all who participated to the creation of a Nuclear Physics research community in Greece.

 Historians maintain that history must be written "In cool", in order to be objective. Without the "hot"  contributions of those who made the events, how can they evaluate them later and write objective history? Thus, do not criticise our subjective account of the history of Nuclear Physics at "Demokritos".

If I recall the picture of the dense audience in the Auditorium of the Physics Department of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, when I was honoured by the Nuclear Physics Society after my retirement, and I compare it with the three physicists trying to get a publication with "Golfo"  in 1964 I believe that we might be content, even proud, for the results of that effort.

The contents of this site are a compressed summary of a collective effort. The full contributions can be found in the Greek version. The first part, which describes the start of the journey, was composed from contributions by Nikos Gangas, Vasilis Katselis and myself. For the second part, describing the purchase and installation of the Accelerator, the main contributions came from George Anditsopoulos and Anastasios Katsanos. I compiled the third part from memory and left the list of publications to speak for itself.


Stathis Kosionides