A recent exhibit in June and July 2016 at the Richard Saltoun Gallery in London marked the first showing of works by Marie Yates in a private gallery.

Some of the works, which date from between 1971 and 1979 had never been shown anywhere previously.


Exhibition catalogue/Artists Book published by Richard Saltoun on the occasion of Richard Saltoun Gallery's exhibition Some Dimensions of my Lunch. Part 2: Marie Yates, and includes essays by Griselda Pollock, Bryony Gillard and Fenella Crichton with Notes by Marie Yates.


The group of Marie Yates artworks presented as Marie Yates - Works 1971 to 1979 formed an exhibit within the series Some Dimensions of my Lunch: Conceptual Art in Britain (1956 - 1979) at the Richard Saltoun Gallery in London between 19 May and 30th September 2016.



The works presented fell into three sections as follows:

The first group of works comprised three examples of The Field Working Papers, where images and texts delineated a certain place in a landscape at a certain time. Two of these works were specifically constructed for the Arnolfini Exhibition, in 1973 (Marie Yates - The Field Workings) and a further one for the Arnolfini Exhibit in 1975 (Artists Over Land).

They were: Field Working Paper 7, 26th April 1972, Porthmeor Beach, St.Ives, Cornwall, consisting of six colour images and three texts, (collection of Tate) and Field Working Paper 9, 18th June 1972, Harford Moor, Dartmoor, Devon, consisting of three colour images and three texts and Dorset Field Working 1975, (from the Signals Project of 1975-8) consisting of 28 black and white texts and one image, and this work in particular was directly wall mounted as it was originally at the Arnolfini Gallery in 1975 for the exhibition "Artists Overland".












The second group consisted of four works also from the Signals Project of 1975-8, of which only two had been exhibited previously - Durgan Field Working Series 2 1976, consisting of eight panels of montaged colour photocopies, exhibited in Time Words and The Camera 1976 (British Council), and Text 1977 previously shown in Art from the British Left at Artists Space, New York in 1978. Two further pieces from 1977, Oppositional Frameworks 1, consisting of six panels of colour images and text and Oppositional Frameworks 2 which is two panels of colour images and texts. These last two works had not previously been exhibited.










The third section was a large piece below entitled Image/woman/text 1979, made for the Lucy Lippard womens exhibition ISSUES at the ICA in 1980. It consists of two panels of montaged photos and texts, paper and paint. This piece was also exhibited later in Sense and Sensibility in Feminist Art Practice 1982, Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, and Light Reading, Work by Five Women, B2 Gallery London 1982 and The Image in Trouble, The Pavilion Gallery Leeds 1984. Now in the Collection of Tate Britain.







Marie Yates, Works 1971-1979 - Exhibition catalogue/Artists book published by Richard Saltoun, 2016 - available on application to the Richard Saltoun Gallery.


A Critical Re-Evaluation of a Proposed Publication 1978. Marie Yates Artists Book
Published by The
Robert Self Gallery in 1978, a few copies are still available to purchase by application from the Richard Saltoun Gallery.